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Mindfulness Is Not a Goal

Mindfulness is not a goal It can't be It's a daily practice Every day, every life event has been created for your practice Your practice gets harder when you're ready to learn from that level of difficulty and grow Your practice comes through the people you see, the thoughts and emotions you experience and the events that happen in your life

Your practice wasn't supposed to be easy It's the challenge that helps you to find the one in you that you haven't known about. If you find the reason behind all these" pain" and "uncomfortableness" a sense of consent and happiness underlies under all your emotions You're crying, but you are fulfilled and pleased to cry You experience anger, you are fulfilled and pleased to explore your anger You're hard broken, but you are satisfied and fulfilled to be able to fully experience love and keep your heart open You experience pain, you are consent and happy to seat and be fully present with your pain Nothing to "fixed" Any life event is just perfect as it is. It doesn't mean that you don't take actions to solve and improve them, you do. When you are present with yourself, you do all it needed to bring more joy and satisfaction in your life. But you're doing that while you are consent and happy with what life challenges you with.

Love, Shams

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