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Do You Want Better Days?

So many kids ( including my inner kid!😂) think that for having better days they need to be the best in school, ( or work) they need to get the coolest bike, have an amazing parents who give them a lot of attention. All of these are amazing and getting love and attention is VERY vital for any kid ( and our inner kid as an adult, I don't say inner child because inner kid seems more like what I feel inside😄 ) BUT, BUT... it doesn't mean that if you don't get that attention, you should feel miserable till the day that people ( including your parents ) decide to act like responsible adults. You deserve to get the attention and love you need no matter what is your current situation. Give it to yourself, by being nice with yourself, by taking care of your body, by kissing yourself in the mirror, by finding good friends who makes you feel empower,by asking help if you need it, because you deserve it. My child, stand and be there for yourself by singing, dancing and any simple action that makes your heart's flower bloom. Because You deserve it. Warmly, Someone who loves you

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