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Michka Application

Do you read books?

Do you like watching animation? How about playing games? Have you ever thought....

what if...

We could do all this three things in a book!


We have started to work on a new version of E book in an app, Michka App, Imagine a book, on your screen, by clicking, you'll go to the next page and the fun part is that you need to play games to see what's gonna happen next.

Playing Games:

My favorite part!

You are in middle of the story, the main character is in a forest, He needs to return to his home to see what's happened. Guess what? You need to help him to escape and pass the obstacles to get to the home, then you can see rest of the story.

Our first Ebook in the app is for young children. It's about little michka, He is a small insect which tries to overcome his problems based on what happened to him, the story helps children to know how to prevent or react if they face any kind of sexual or physical harassment. The main point is to help children to connect with their feelings and take care of themselves.

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