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Designing an application for children 6-11 which addresses the complicated emotions that sexually abused children may experience. The goal is to educate and empower them so they can open up and ask for help.

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Total more than 125K downloads 

Parents and teacher's reviews

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Meeka's Secret

Introduction to the concept of emotional intelligence through storytelling for young children 

Learning about feelings through storytelling and game.

Book one is a story for children that addresses issues regarding physical or sexual abuse, emotional intelligence, and resilience. It models how to stand up for oneself and find the right course of action in a traumatic situation.

Book Two has activities designed to foster self-discovery and resilience. These are effective activities for personal growth and are efficacious not just for those who have experienced trauma at a young age, such as sexual abuse of bullying. It teaches children not to base their value and self-worth on what others say about them, or on the belief that they are their trauma.


One out of ten children will experience sexual abuse. 

Only 27% of them will tell someone in the first year of the event.

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